Medieval Village Walk VR

A simple VR game that I made using the Unity game engine during my internship at Miracle Studios. The game is set in a medieval village where you can walk around and observe what is happening in the village. The game was developed for Android devices with support for Google's Cardboard SDK

My role on this project was that of a programmer. I worked alongside an artist and a designer. The goal of the project was to prototype multiple locomotion techniques for the Google Cardboard to overcome the limitation of limited buttons and screen access. The player has a choice of two input types to make themselves move in the game, the first one is one where he can walk by holding down the OK button which simulates as tapping the touch screen and the other is by physically take steps where you’re standing to walk in the direction you are looking. I made the latter work by using an SDK that uses the accelerometer in the phone to track the phones movement in the Y-axis when your head bobs while running in place.

The game has been deployed on the Android Play Store.